Ten Easy Steps
Get started with your new business today on the World Wide Web!
Preparation Guidelines for Website Design

1. Decide purpose of the site. Do you want to provide information for clients and customers, advertisement?

2. Do you need to register a Domain Name? (ie: www.yourname.com) If so, we can help you check availability
   and register your domain for you.

3. Do you need hosting? High quality hosting at very reasonable prices is available with BizAthens.com
   Internet Services, or you may choose another company to host your website.

4. Plan out the number of pages and their titles. The name of your homepage might be your company name
   and whatever product you are offering. Titles/links to other pages might be "About Company", "Products",
   "Services", "Contact", "FAQ", "Guestbook", "Order Form", etc.

5. Get a copy of company logo, letterhead, (hard copy or digital format) brochures, catalog,etc. and mail or
   email them to BizAthens.com Internet Services.  No Logo, No Problem we design logos.

6. Decide specifically what graphics/photos you would like on your site and which pages your want them on.
   Label them by name and where they will be located on your site. Send the photos for scanning or send
   digitized images on a memory stick or CD-Rom.  No time? BizAthens.com will come to you.

7. Compose and format text to be on each page of site. Text and information is needed from the client and
   provided via a memory stick or CD Rom, or sent to BizAthens.com Internet Services by e-mail or hard copy.
   No Time?  BizAthens.com Internet Services can take care of this for you.

8. Decide if you want any additional options for your site: Site-Map, Guestbook, Links to Related Sites, Sound
   or Music, Animation, Additional Forms, Java Scrollers & Effects, Password Protection.    Not sure about all of
   this?  BizAthens.com Internet Services will help you through every step.

9. Do some research on the www. Using various search engines, do a number of searches using keywords
   that you think are best for a site like yours. Bookmark the sites that come up in the top 2 or 3 positions
   when the keywords you have used bring up a lot of relevant websites. This will give you important keyword
   knowledge, ideas for the layout and content of your site, and examples of sites that rank high with search
   engines for BizAthens.com Internet Services to work from to design effective meta tags and keyword
   content.  Still no time?  We will design what is right for your business!

10. Contact BizAthens.com Internet Services for answers to questions and for ideas about planning and
     building a successful website with BizAthens.com as your partner in advertising.

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